Let us post your RealEstate Advertisement on CraigsList.

Dear Realestate Advertisers,

We can design your Advertising Image for Craigslist thereby promoting it across the Country or around the World.

Your Advertisement could be posted at a frequency you define for the whole month. It is $100 for a full month with the service as defined below.
The Posting Service: What we do for you
1) Make your Listing Stand Out against all other listings, thereby getting you immediate responses.
2) Provide picture hosting services.
3) Subject and Image rotation. Hence your viewers dont see the same AD.
4) Setup your advertisement with HTML, thus making it Tremendously Attractive.
5) Most importantly, Multiple postings per day over a complete month.

Imagine this is your Ad, which you post 3 times a day, everyday. How many hours would it take you, how conversant are you with HTML in designing the AD and how technologically savvy are you to post every 3 hours.
For your first month the Optional package will be included in the Basic Package. This is only a timely Promotion and will end soon. Please call me immediately for more details.

Actual Craigslist Ads posted over the last year:
(The Tripod Ads at the bottom of the Example Ads will not show in the actual Craigslist postings)
1) Corvette Business Online
2) Your Dream Home for sale in Virginia
3) Auto Repair
4) Carpet Clean
5) Excellent Deli and Apartment for lease
6) Excellent home for Sale
7) Beautiful Tourist Attraction & Zoo in Santa Barbara
8) DMV Approved Car Dealer School
9) Special Effects Games Arcade for Sale
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